We provide software solutions

Web development

A website with perfect functionality can boost your online presence. A well developed website can simplify the process of message consumption, quicker interaction and internet transactions resulting in good ROI.

At Maaru Software Solutions, we offer fully customized web development service based on the client requirements and their business goals. We make the right use of modern technologies to develop custom web applications which establish easy and effective interaction with your customers. We are geared to develop attractive, fast-loading sites with easy and user-friendly navigation to give crucial presence and impact to your website.


Software development

At Maaru Software Solutions , we believe that software development goes far beyond delivering a functional final product. Application development services involve the process of getting together the various resources that are useful to the IT business. We strive to offer our clients solutions that will solve their immediate concerns, by providing them with a dedicated software tailored according to their requirements supporting such operating systems as windows, mac, linux, android, ios.


PHP application development

At Maaru Software Solutions, we have an expert team in PHP programming who are highly skilled to manage the most complex project and their proficiency in web development, database management, security and project management etc. yields desired result for the client. Our programmers for PHP web development are highly skilled in PHP, MySQL, VBscript, Java script, XML.

We have put this expertise for our esteemed clients’ service.


Mobile apps development

Mobile Application development is mainly designed for developing applications and software for the smart phones. To keep pace with the increasing and widely use of smart phones in daily routine life for everyone, mobile application development has gained much of the popularity.

With the gaining popularity and use of smart phones in the market place, demand for mobile applications has increased. Responding to the fast track customer preferences and demands, companies crave for professional development and assistance that can dynamically deploy robust solutions which are adaptable for various platforms.

We at Maaru Software Solutions offer mobile application development services. We understand your mobile application development requirement and work accordingly. Our planned and strategic approach enables our clients to meet exclusive need they want.


.NET application development

Microsoft .NET Framework is more than just a software solution, and implementing it involves adding a new technology layer to your current environment. A Microsoft .NET solution requires a planned deployment of web services that fits seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and application environment. This, in turn helps to effectively enhance the customer experience, improve knowledge management and increase the efficiency of the value chain by making information easily accessible to customers, partners and suppliers. We at Maaru Software Solutions can help you to incorporate just the elements needed to address a specific business need.